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Profile History Achievements Mission Development Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction of CTTL

    CTTL is the market name of China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR) of the Ministry of Information Industry (MII), which is a nation-level research organization in telecom field directly under the leadership of the MII. http://www.catr.cn is the most authoritative telecom information website in China. CTTL integrates the functions of research, test and certification and consultancy. It mainly performs support work for government, such as research on development planning, policies and regulations, network standards as well as carrying out of regulatory work. Meanwhile, it can also provide services for the industry, such as quality system certification of enterprises, telecom metrology and product test/certification as well as network planning/design and consultancy for enterprises.

    CTTL was formerly China Academy of Posts and Telecommunications of the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT). It was established in mid 1950s. The organization was restructured by the MPT in 1993 and was divided into 3 parts, of which CTTL is one part. Under CTTL, there are the following corporate bodies: Research Institute of Telecommunication Transmission of MII, Information Institute of Telecommunication Scientific and Technology of MII, Telecom Planning Academy of MII, Telecommunication Metrology Center of MII, Institute of Posts and Telecommunications Industry Standardization of MII, Quality Supervision Center for Telecom Engineering of MII.

    To meet the requirements of the development of information industry and fully make use of the advantages of the whole resources, CTTL was re-organized in 2002 and a business system was formed with 7 core units: Telecom Policy Institute, Telecom Standard Institute, Planning and Design Institute, TTL Lab, Telecom Information Institute, Enterprise Management Institute, TTL Certification Center. After re- organization, there are 7 functional management departments, 9 business and technical departments and 6 support centers.

    There are total 840 staff, of which 85% is research and technical staff, having 201 Masters and 23 PhDs, 304 senior technical staff (including 37 professor-level senior engineers), more than 10 experts obtaining governmental allowance. This is a telecom research team with rational knowledge structure, optimized age structure, high academic level and rich experience.

By now, there are 3 core businesses in CTTL:
  Research for supporting of governmental industrial regulation
    - Development strategy, development planning, technical
      policy of national telecommunication industry
    - Regulation and planning for assignment and utilization
      of national telecommunication resources of
      frequencies, numbers and satellite orbits etc
    - Telecom acts and regulations, policy and market
      regulatory rules
    - Architectures and technical standard of telecom networks
    - Rules, technical standards and supervision for
      interconnection and interworking among multi-operator
  Test and certification of telecom products and quality system certification of telecom enterprises
    - Test and certification of telecom equipment
    - Telecom metrology and calibration, establishment and
      maintenance of national telecom metrology standard,
      administration of national telecom metrology stations
    - Certification services of ISO 9000 quality system,
      environment system and safety system
  Technical and consultancy service for operators and manufacturers
    - Provide consultancy services for telecom operators in
      technology, operation, service and strategical development
    - Provide technical support for telecom equipment
      manufacturers in R&D, test and verification for equipment
      licenses and field trials
    - Provide comprehensive information and analysis reports of
      regulatory policies, emerging technologies, status and
      development trends of service and market in the global
      telecom filed for government, enterprises, colleges and
      all sectors of the society

    CTTL owns several nation- and ministry-level test centers, including National Telecom Metrology Center, National Quality Supervision and Test Center for Telephone, Beijing Quality Supervision and Test Center for Mobile Communication Equipment of MII, Beijing Quality Supervision and Test Center for Telephone Exchange Equipment of MII, Quality Supervision and Test Center for Posts and Telecommunication Industry Product of MII. They have advanced test equipment, among which, test facilities and environments in RTnet, MTnet and EMC Lab are of Asian leading level and international advanced level.

    As a member of the member state, CTTL actively participates in and organize ITU activities. Many experts from CTTL are chairmen and speakers in ITU study groups and working groups, and play important roles in the fields of 3G, mobile data service, IP and optical communications. They set up long-term cooperation relationship with famous telecom manufacturers and operators as well as test organizations in the world.

    CTTL has been undertaking the research of nation- and ministry-level projects. Since 1994, it has completed 1723 projects, of which more than 70 projects were major projects from national 863 program and the Tenth Five-Year Plan. Two projects of them have been granted 2nd Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress. More than 100 projects have been granted 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize of the Science and Technology Progress of MII.

    Under the correct leadership of the MII, CTTL will strive to become a national academy that supports government in industry regulation and represents the national highest-level research on telecom network technology, and also become a famous metrology/test/certification organization and a notable consultant organization in the industry.

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